Episode 6 – In One Lifetime

Side-by-side photos of Richard at age 8 and Erika today
On the left, Richard in his youth on the East Side of Manhattan. On the right, his daughter Erika.

Richard is overwhelmed with feelings about the appointment of his daughter Erika to the Biden/Harris transition team for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Richard follows the thread of his early experiences—growing up in the tenements of Manhattan—that led to his lifetime commitment to tackle the justice issues of housing, jobs, and healthcare for people. This thread connects Richard to Erika, who has devoted her career to addressing the root causes of poverty in America. Erika recounts how Richard opened her eyes to the injustices in America in the same way Richard’s father Ernest opened his eyes when he walked him through the shantytown in Central Park to see how poor people were living during the Great Depression.


Music Credits

Blue Dot Sessions: The Crisper; Borough; Taoudella; An Unknown Visitor

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