Episode 8 - PT to the rescue!

Picture of Jennifer and Richard wearing PPE and conducting strength exercise
Physical Therapist Jennifer Freda puts Richard through his paces, pre-pandemic and during the pandemic.

Richard’s physical therapist Jennifer has saved his life…more than once! Jennifer keeps an eye on Richard and, with training, persistence, and ingenuity, helps him keep it together.

Richard learns to manage his disease, build strength and endurance, and maneuver his wheelchair, under Jennifer’s expert supervision. She adapts his therapy sessions to his small apartment, while the exercise room is shutdown due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in his senior living residents.

If only every older adult  had a health professional to help them manage their chronic conditions.


On chronic conditions, self-management, and challenges in caring for people with chronic conditions:
On excess deaths during pandemic:
On adults living alone:
On problems with long term care facilities:


Music Credits:

The Zeppelin, Delamine, and Crumbtown by Blue Dot Sessions

Gravitation by Blastculture https://freemusicarchive.org/music/ToucanMusic/Best_Bytes_Volume_4/08_blastculture_gravitation


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