Episode 9 – Bird insurrection

Cardinal splashing in bird bath
Cardinal in Margaret’s birdbath. Photo copyright 2021 by Richard Creps.

Richard and his daughter Margaret investigate the bird insurrection, while humans attack the U.S. Capitol and President Trump is impeached for the second time.

Birds provide joy, humor, and solace in rough times, and it seems that they share the capacity for feelings with the human species. And boy, are there a lot of feelings swooping and fluttering around right now!

Margaret is struggling with a loss of faith in her fellow humans. She pulls an old recording from 2012 in which Richard describes his encounter with the American eagle, and Eunice, Margaret’s mother and Richard’s wife, joins him in singing his favorite hymn, “The Lone Wild Bird.”

In loving memory of Eunice Blanchard Poethig, 1930-2018.


Music Credits:

Photo Credit:

  • Cardinal in Margaret’s birdbath by Richard Creps

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