Episode 5 - Bold Move to a New World

Richard and Eunice with Scott, Johanna, and Kerry in Baguio, Philippines, in 1960. Rice terraces in the background.
Richard and Eunice with Scott (7), Johanna (3), and Kerry (5) in the Philippine mountain province of Baguio in 1960.

Richard is about to embark on his final journey. He recounts an earlier voyage by train, boat, and plane with his young family to their new home in the Philippines. On a stopover in Japan, Richard attends a conference about his new vocation: the urban-industrial mission of the church.

After Richard retired from the United Presbyterian Church USA in 1990, he continued doing what he had been doing his entire career: writing about his work. But this time he penned a more personal history of his vocation. He produced two memoirs of his early years and he published articles in the Journal of Presbyterian History about the men in the Presbyterian Church who had paved the way for his vocation in urban industrial mission: Charles Stelzle, Cameron Hall, Marshal Logan Scott, Henry Jones, and others.

In this episode, Richard reads the last chapter of his personal memoir, about the voyage he and Eunice and their first three children, Scott, Kerry, and Johanna, took in 1957 across the United States and the Pacific Ocean, to Japan (where Richard met up with Henry Jones and Marshal Scott), and then to the Philippines, where the family lived for 15 years.


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