Requiem for Impossible Matter

Photo of a galaxy superimposed on the forehead of Richard
Richard Paul Poethig, 1925-2021

Richard imagines life after death on an undiscovered planet in a far-flung galaxy where he can recreate his life with his beloved wife Eunice. Margaret has a message for listeners.

 *  *  *

O the Wonder. Wonder. Wonder of it all.

Poem developed by several Aborigine people from Australia at the International Training Institute for World Churchmen in Asia in Singapore, 1969.

Part IX.

No looking back. Our people move once more.
The way is long.
And the trail is hard.
The Secret travels too.
We’ll share our wisdom. With the earth.
Fill the future. Of the now.
With our knowing from the past.
That’s the rising. Of our sun.
Born of pain beyond compare.
O the Wonder. Wonder. Wonder of it all.

 *  *  *


Music Credit

  • The music in this episode is the piece “Urge” by the composer and performer Chris Brown. Used with permission.

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