Episode 5 – Lockdown blues

When Richard stops answering the phone and getting out of bed for Zoom meetings, daughter Kerry finds a new way to reach our dad.

Music credits: The music in this piece is “Black Clouds Gone Bad” by Sore & Steal and “Take to the Skies” by Forget the Whale. Used under the Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike.





Episode 1 – Interference

Photo of Richard and Margaret Poethig

Recording the podcast presents hilarious challenges for Margaret and Richard.

Music Credits: The music is “Horrible” from the album Mela 2 by the Mela Ensemble. https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Mela/Mela_two

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Introducing the Keeping Dad Alive podcast

Photo of Richard and Margaret Poethig

Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, Margaret’s 95-year-old dad Richard was cheerfully riding it out in his senior living residence. But things change. This podcast captures the voice of a father and his five children, as they cherish their time together on earth.